Privacy Policy

We, Tipgalore. and our accumulated affiliates (Tipgalore, “we” or “us“), are committed to attention and apropos your privacy. We accept in transparency, and we are committed to actuality upfront about our aloofness practices. This Aloofness Action (“Policy“) explains which advice we aggregate from you, back you (“you” or “your”, the user of our Services) admission and use our website, as able-bodied as our platforms, widgets, analytics tools, and added abstruse applications that we may accommodate either through our Sites or through third-party websites  or added articles and casework provided by us (which, together, are referred to as the “Services“), will be candy by us, and how we use such advice and assure it. The Action additionally wishes to accomplish abiding that you are acquainted of the options accessible to you back you admission and use our Services.

This Action is a allotment of our Terms of Use begin on our website. By application the Services, you accord to our collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, acknowledgment and added uses of your advice as declared in this policy. This includes any advice you accept to accommodate that is accounted acute beneath applicative law. This Action alone applies to Novelty’s Services. We are not amenable for the agreeable or the aloofness behavior of any third-party websites or apps.



By accessing the website, you accede to the agreement and altitude set alternating in the aloofness policy, which includes the accumulating and action of your claimed advice (as authentic below) back you adjudge to accommodate us with such information. If you disagree to any of the agreement provided henceforth, you cannot admission or use the website.

Note: by law, you are not beneath any obligation to accommodate us with Claimed Information. You hereby accede and accede that you are in actuality accouterment us with Claimed Advice at your own chargeless will. You hereby accede that we may aggregate and use Claimed Advice pursuant to this Aloofness Action and all, if any, applicative laws and regulations.



  • Non-personal Information: Un-identified and non-identifiable advice acceptance to Users, which may be fabricated accessible to the Website, or automatically calm by use of the Website. Non-personal Advice does not, however, accredit us to analyze the being from whom the advice was calm from, and abundantly consists of abstruse and aggregated acceptance advice which is not affiliated whatsoever to an identifiable individual, for instance the character and operation system/ browser, smart-phone model, operating arrangement model, continuance on the Website, Users ‘click-stream’ activity, keyboard language, etc.
  • Personal Information: Identifiable advice of the individual, accurately advice which identifies an alone or may with reasonable efforts or calm with attainable added information, accredit an individual’s identification, or may be of clandestine or acute nature. Claimed Advice calm by the Website entails the afterward kinds of information: IP address, accessory identifier, claimed capacity provided in affiliation with use of the Website, such as name, e-mail address, buzz number, and address.

Without your approval, we do not aggregate any Claimed Advice from you or accompanying to you, which is obtained, amid others, through your alive accepting to the Agreement and the Aloofness Policy.



  • We aggregate advice through an individual’s (User) acceptance of the Website. Therefore, we are acquainted of your acceptance of the Website and may aggregate and almanac the advice accompanying to such usage, as able-bodied as application “cookies” and added tracking technologies.
  • We aggregate advice that you accommodate to us voluntarily. For example, we aggregate Claimed advice which you voluntarily accomplish accessible back you use the Website or acquaintance us.



  • To accommodate and accomplish our Website and accompanying services.
  • To affectation or accelerate Users business and announcement material, accepted and alone agreeable and advertisement.
  • To enhance the Website and to accommodate Users with abstruse abetment and support.
  • To accelerate a User updates, notices, notifications, announcements, and added advice that chronicle to the Website and accompanying services.
  • To accomplish accumulative statistical abstracts and added accumulative advice and/or added absolute advice that is non-personal, in which we and/or our business ally ability use to accomplish and advance our Website and accommodate accompanying services.
  • To accede with any applicative aphorism or adjustment and/or acknowledgment or avert adjoin acknowledged affairs against us or our business ally and affiliates.



We accumulate and action a User’s advice for the purposes declared in the policy, based on at atomic one of the afterward acknowledged grounds:  

  • With your consent: The Website asks for your acceding to action your claimed advice for specific purposes. Users accept the appropriate to abjure accord at any accustomed time. For instance, we ask for your accord to accommodate you with alone agreeable and ads through the use of cookies.
  • Legitimate interests: We action your advice for accepted interests while applying adapted safeguards to assure your privacy. Acceptation that we action your advice for instances such as detecting, preventing, or acclamation fraud, abuse, security, usability, functionality or abstruse issues with our services, attention adjoin abuse to rights, acreage or assurance of our properties, or our users, or the accessible as appropriate or acceptable by law; Administration acknowledged claims, which includes the analysis of apparent violations of this Aloofness Policy; in adjustment to accede and/or accomplish our obligation beneath applicative laws, regulation, guidelines, industry standards and acknowledged requirements, acknowledged process, amendment or authoritative request, as able-bodied as our Agreement of Service.



Information accompanying to Users will be maintained, candy and stored by the Website and accustomed business partners, affiliates and account providers in the Affiliated States, and if necessary, in anchored billow storage, provided by a third affair account provider.

While the abstracts aegis laws in the aloft jurisdictions may alter than the laws of your accepted abode or location, it is basic that you accept that we, our affiliates and our account providers who abundance or action such Claimed Advice are absolutely committed to befitting the advice aggregate adequate and secured, pursuant to this Aloofness Action and industry standards, behindhand of any bottom acknowledged requirements that may administer in the User’s jurisdiction.

You hereby acquire the abode of accumulator and the alteration of advice as declared above.



We may allotment a User’s Claimed Advice with third parties (or acquiesce them admission to it) alone in the categorical amenities and instances:

  • To amuse any applicative law, regulation, acknowledged process, amendment or authoritative request, whenever we accept in acceptable acceptance that it is accurately apprenticed to allotment such information.
  • To accomplish this Aloofness Action and the Agreement of Use including analysis of abeyant violations thereof.
  • To detect, prevent, or abode fraud, aegis or abstruse issues.
  • To acknowledge to a User’s abutment request.
  • To acknowledge to claims that a User’s acquaintance advice or any added clandestine or proprietary advice (e.g. name, e-mail address, etc.) of a third-party has been used, acquaint or transmitted after their accord or as a anatomy of harassment.
  • To assure the rights, property, or claimed assurance of us, our Users or the accepted public.
  • When we abide any change in control, which includes a merger, accretion or acquirement of all or essentially all of our assets.
  • To collect, authority and/or administer Users’ Claimed Advice through accustomed third affair account providers, as advised hereunder, who may be amid alfresco the country of Bulgaria (for example, Google Analytics). Such third affair account providers may accept or accept admission to Users’ Claimed Information, depending on anniversary of their accurate roles and purposes in facilitating and acceptable our Website and accompanying services, namely to acquiesce billow hosting services, confined of alone agreeable and advertisement, analytics of functionality and account of our Website, and we may alone use it for such purposes.
  • Pursuant to your absolute approval above-mentioned to the disclosure.

For abstention of doubt, we may allotment anonymized advice with any added third party, at our sole discretion.



We use specific ecology and tracking technologies, which includes the ones which are offered by third affair account providers. These technologies are acclimated to maintain, accommodate and advance the Website on an advancing basis, and to accommodate a bigger User experience. Booty agenda that these technologies accredit us to: (i) accumulate clue of our Users’ preferences and accurate sessions, (ii) defended our Website by audition aberrant behaviors, (iii) analyze abstruse issues and advance the all-embracing achievement of our website, (iv) actualize and adviser analytics, and (v) bear a User targeted and tailored advertisements based on your browsing activities and accepted interests and to clue ad achievement (For added advice apropos this, bang here:

Please see our Cookie Action at:

Learn added about your choices and how to opt-out of tracking technologies:

In adjustment to annul or block any tracking technologies, accredit to the “Help” breadth on your internet browser for added instructions, or you may opt out of third affair tracking technologies by afterward the instructions provided by anniversary third affair account provider in its aloofness action or visiting Amuse agenda that deleting any of our tracking technologies or disabling approaching tracking technologies may anticipate you from accessing assertive areas or appearance of our website, or may contrarily abnormally affect your user experience.



To use our Website, Users charge be over the age of sixteen (16). Therefore, we do not advisedly aggregate Claimed Advice from amateur beneath the age of sixteen (16) and do not ambition to do so. We assets the appropriate to appeal affidavit of age at any date so that we may verify amateur beneath the age of sixteen (16) are not application the Website.



We apply industry accepted procedures and behavior to ensure the assurance of a User’s Claimed Information, abate the risks incurred from accident of advice and to anticipate crooked use of such information. However, no admeasurement can accommodate complete advice security.



We absorb Claimed Advice calm for as continued as bare to accommodate Users with our casework and to accede with any applicative laws and regulations. We again either annul from our systems or anonymize it after added apprehension to you.

If you should accept to abjure your accord of processing your Claimed Advice at any accustomed time, we will annul your Claimed Advice from our systems (except to the admeasurement such abstracts in accomplished or partly to accede with any applicative aphorism or adjustment and/or acknowledgment or avert adjoin acknowledged affairs against us or our affiliates).



If the law applicative to you grants you such rights, you may ask to access, correct, or annul your Claimed Advice which is stored in our systems. You may ask for acceptance as to whether or not we action or accept candy your Claimed Information.

Subject to the limitations in law, you may appeal that we update, correct, or annul inaccurate or anachronous information. You may appeal that we append the use of Claimed Advice whose accurateness you challenge while we verify the cachet of that data.

Subject the limitations in law, you may be advantaged to access the Claimed Advice you anon provided us (excluding abstracts we acquired from added sources) in a structured, frequently used, and machine-readable architecture and may accept the appropriate to address such abstracts to addition party.

If you ambition to exercise any of the rights laid out, acquaintance us at: [email protected] Back administration these requests we may ask for added advice to affirm your character and your request. Amuse note, aloft appeal to annul your Claimed Information, we may absorb such abstracts in accomplished or in allotment to accede with any applicative aphorism or adjustment and/or acknowledgment or avert adjoin acknowledged affairs against us or our affiliates.

To acquisition out whether these rights administer to you and apropos added aloofness accompanying matters, you can acquaintance your bounded abstracts aegis ascendancy if you accept apropos apropos your rights beneath bounded law.



We assets the appropriate to change this action at any time, so appointment this folio frequently. We will acquaint you apropos abundant changes to this Aloofness Action by alteration the articulation to the Aloofness Action in the Website. Such abundant changes will booty aftereffect seven (7) canicule afterwards such apprehension was provided on our Website. Otherwise, all added changes to this Aloofness Action are able as of the declared “Last Revised” date and your connected use of the Website afterwards the Aftermost Revised date will aggregate accepting of, and acceding to be apprenticed by, those changes.



This Aloofness Action belongs to Bulairtech, its interpretation, and any claims and disputes accompanying hereto, shall be absolute by the laws of the country of Bulgaria, after account to its bent law principles. Any and all such claims and disputes shall be brought in, and you hereby accord to them actuality litigated in and absitively alone by a cloister of competent administration amid in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you accept any questions or comments apropos the Aloofness Action laid out, amuse feel chargeless to email us at: [email protected] and we will acknowledgment aural a reasonable timeframe.